Digital Advertising

A Digital Advertising Display unit together with a fully integrated automatic faucet. The New Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) opportunity.

  • Untapped advertising space
  • Placed in high traffic venues
  • Limited advertising space
  • Captive and focused audience

About the VODXS (Visual on Demand Experience Systems) Faucet.

  • ECO – Friendly Automatic Faucet. Delivers 70% water savings over manual faucets.
  • 7” LCD Screen
  • Delivers high quality full motion video and/or still ads. It also has the capability to scroll text.
  • Advertising is controlled by an Internet connected MVP (Motion Video Player).
  • Available in standard Chrome or Black.


What makes advertising on a VODXS faucet effective?

  • We look for venues that generate a high volume of traffic to install our faucets in.
  • Who doesn't use the washroom?
  • Environment is typically free of distractions leading to a captive focused audience.
  • People are drawn to LCD screens and movement.
  • Targeted advertising. Not only can you choose the type of venue or venues to advertise in, if needed you can target just men or women.
  • Engagements are logged and tracked (views while hand-washing) providing tangible feedback to advertisers.
  • Changes to active ads are made easily.

A survey found:

97% of the people who used a restroom that had the VODXS installed, noticed the VODXS Screen.*
60% had a un-aided ad recall which is the highest percentage obtained throughout any other marketing medium available today.*
80% of the people described the VODXS product with a 5 star rating with terms like; amazing, innovative or exceptional.*

* Source: Murphy Media Survey conducted in 2012 for the MGM Grand in Las Vagas.


Why partner with FCE Resources?

Venue owners have been selling advertising space, both static and digital, for many years. FCE Resources provides venue owners with an exciting new way to leverage what was just a restroom into a profit center.

  • 70% water savings over manual faucets
  • Dresses up/modernizes the clean side of the washroom. Add WOW factor!
  • No CAPEX to venue for faucets
  • Creates new Revenue
  • Venue can advertise its own products and services in lieu of revenue share

FCE Resources offers venue owners a number of ways to leverage this technology.

  • FCE Resources will install VODXS™ (Visual On Demand Experience Systems) faucets in your establishment.** The venue receives free advertising slots for their own products, services, or upcoming promotions. FCE Resources sources additional advertisers that will advertise with products or services.
  • We can also work with venue owners on a lease model where the venue owner has the complete rights to sell and run their own advertising or messaging on their installed VODXS™ faucets. In these relationships, FCE Resources works in partnership with the venue owner to develop and manage content on the units. These types of installations are also valuable for venues that are looking for an innovative way to communicate to employees, internal customers, or club member programs, policies, and news.

Advertising on VODXS™ faucets can be targeted to promote a wide variety of products, services, and offerings to the patrons using the venue’s washrooms in very demographic specific areas. FCE Resources is a partner of Faucet Impressions and utilize their proprietary software management solution. This software allows ads to be controlled remotely and, unlike most other forms of advertising, can provide an accurate accounting of how many consumers see the ads.

Types of venues that are deploying VODXS™ faucets: sports stadiums, concert halls and arenas, shopping malls, airports, casinos, theatres, museums, bowling alleys, theme parks, universities, nightclubs, restaurants, diners, fitness centers, private clubs, hospitals, and corporate office buildings.

** FCE Resources reserves the right to reject any venue that does not meet our criteria.

For inquiries and other information about FCE Resources LLC contact us here